Firewire DVD-R

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What is a good firewire DVD-R burner? I only have a setup of two computers. One is a headless PC (well, there's a videocard for special ocassions, but I digress) and the other is my powerbook. I had been considering getting a Pioneer DVR-A05 for the headless server and just burning over ssh using cdrecord (well, the dvdtools). But now I am thinking that maybe just using OSX to burn DVDs might be better. Should I just get any DVD-R burner? Should I get a SuperDrive one so that I can use iDVD?


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    I don't think iDVD can be used with an external drive. I've been hoping for Apple to release a standalone version of iDVD ever since they pulled the plug on OWC's patch, but so far nothing has showed up. \
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