Fn keys in an iBook

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

Ok so about 3 weeks ago I install the whole of 9, boot into 9, change the settings to allow me to use the F1-F12 instead of the fn+F1 - fn+F12, booted back into x, rm all the sys 9 files.

however, later on I didn't have my charger and so it went into sleep, I still didn't have it, so it eventually died. When I finally got home I plugged it in and in the -v boot it said something like:

"propostruse time settings, set back to default, please correct the date and time"

I did and then I also noticed that my F1-F12 weren't working.

SO... I was just bringing this up to see if that help learn how to set it back w/o installing 9.


Dale Mox
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