iSync and Sony CLIE NZ90 and PocketPC

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I am curious about the real ability to pass software and data via iSync with useage of .MAC as a mass storage file system in the cloud called the internet.

I have already purchased:

Missing Sync, it works fine.

HotSync is required...


Now how about some support from Apple on using Bluetooth for the syncing... I can send a file, (that doesn't work with the CLIE NZ90), shows the file transfer on my new G4 17" Powerbook, but then states that the file is not recogonized by the CLIE...

A CLIE NZ90 is a HOT new PalmOS device, it shows the future of using a PDA like the CLIE NZ90 as a real communicator is close. Now if we could use Bluetooth better, like as a native iSync conduit.

Apple HAS to also support PocketPC.

The future of wireless useage of a PalmOS PDA or PocketPC is going to accellerate our ability to find, update, and transmit from a wireless capable location. And the "Killer Apps" VC community will awaken again.

I do have my wireless home connected to my TIVO with HomeOption and the audio output from my Home Theater coming from my wireless Mac to the TIVO, is simply awesome, now let's use the Mac and get rid of the TIVO...
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