Best printer/sharing setup?

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Ok so my Epson 740 is dying and I'm looking to get a new printer. I 'm looking for a not-terribly-expensive good all around printer. Will be used mostly for printing the wifes school papers. We may be getting a digital camera sometime this year too so thats a consideration.

Currently I have the 740 hooked into my SMC Wireless Barricade and use its little network print server to access it via my PC (wired) and Powerbook (wireless). CUPS used to work from the Powerbook but after 10.2 it just prints gobblygook (perhaps user error hehe), so lately I've been using a G4 350 to share it out.

So my two main questions:

1) What do you feel is the best printer/brand for my purposes

- Print quality

- Speed

- OS X support

2) If I ditch the SMC for an Airport basestation, can you use it to share printers with PCs (running WinXP)?

Any suggestions/insights/first hand experiences would be helpful.



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    madmax559madmax559 Posts: 596member
    samsung ml-1430 laser

    best printer ive owned ...forget inkjets

    unless you really need color

    the printer is attached to my linux box & all the

    other machines win2k/osx use it with no issues

    samsung doesnt have a current driver for osx so you

    will have to tweak cups on osx to see the printer

    other than that its a damm good buy....

    i think the printer goes for $150 or less
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    dviantdviant Posts: 483member
    huh.... no one here uses printers? or tried to use Airport printer sharing with Windows?
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    mccrabmccrab Posts: 201member
    (1) HP 2100 (laser) - it's a real workhorse. I have the extra bins (for up to 500 sheets) - it is very reliable.

    (2) Get the Airport extreme base station - it has a USB connector. I have PPPOE running on it and use it with Macs and Windows XP - have not tried printing with it on XP.

    I am travelling for a few weeks but will try printing on XP when I get back
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    dviantdviant Posts: 483member
    cool thanks McCrab, i'm real interested if it works with XP...
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