Backup software for PC's and Macs

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Anyone know of good backup software for both Macs and PC's? I'd like it to be as seemless as possible.

I'd been using Retrospect in the past with great results, but was disappointed when I called in.

If you want to run it off a PC, it's $1099 total for unlimited licenses.

If you want to run it off a Mac, it's $799 for the server product and 100 seats. Each additional 100 seats run $2,249. When I asked why the price difference, I was told "The PC market has really taken off, and we'd like to get into that market more than the Mac market."

****ING idiots.

I'll have to pay an addiontal $4500 to run this software on a Mac. WTF.

So how I'm looking for addiontal options for backups. I'd rather not run this crap on a PC if I don't have to.
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