Sharp cameras and FCP compatibility

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I am looking for an inexpensive miniDV camera and was thinking about a Sharp one but on apple's website there is no mention of Sharp on the compatible hardware page. I know Sharp uses a firewire connection so it seems like there shouldn't be an issue.

Anyone capture and edit from a Sharp video camera? Everything go fine?


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    tacojohntacojohn Posts: 980member
    One thing- I bought a samsung DV camera a while back- when I was using OS 9- it worked perfectly- eventhough its not listed on apple's site.

    Upgraded to X- doesn't work- and apple won't do a thing about it 'cause its not on their "supported" list of cameras.


    The camera sucks anyway and I never use it, but would be nice if it worked.

    Anyway- check out the new smaller sony's- I hear they're nice.
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