G4 dual 867 (mirrored drives) Won't turn on!! eek!

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we have a dual G4 867 w/ Mirrored drives its plugged into a battery which usually saves it from when the breaker goes in our old building.. well today when the switch went the computer died. now all we get is the little light turns on as we press the power button but nothing happens. no noises no clicking nothing, just the power button light and only when its pressed.. I opened it up to see if was running hot and to let it cool down.. its been about 20 mins and still nothing.


this is a really big problem as we are very busy, standard deadlines yesterday type stuff.




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    jdbon2jdbon2 Posts: 44member
    Try resetting the PRAM. Hold Command Option P-R at startup. Keep holding it and let the computer reboot several times. You might also try resetting the motherboard by pressing the cuda button. Its a small red button on the motherboard. Press and hold it for 5 seconds. Then try and turn it on. I would also suggest unplugging all peripherals while doing these procedures.
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    You did try plugging it right into the wall socket, right?

    Yeah, that's where my ideas end.
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