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I just saw this! looks pretty cool!!

For 3Gen iPod Owners:

For Original iPod Owners:


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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    interesting stuff, but probably digital hub more than Current hardware. moving now.

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    foadfoad Posts: 707member
    ooops....sorry. I knew I put it in the wrong section. Thanks!
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    jante99jante99 Posts: 539member

    This thing looks really neat. PreOrder from Dr. Bott here:
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    macusersmacusers Posts: 840member
    ya it is cool but you know what would be even better, if you could plug your headphones into the remote and it could wirelessly transmit the music from the reciever. There would be a range to it, but it would still be cool
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    wjmoorewjmoore Posts: 210member

    Originally posted by tonton

    You mean so you can have a small device in the palm of your hand that you can control your iPod music with and listen to through headphones attached to the device itself? Such a device exists already. It's called an iPod.

    With the naviPOD connected how do you get audio out of it?

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    macusersmacusers Posts: 840member
    well it probably can be done, but there wouldn't be much uses for it anyway. Well i guess, if your listen to your music while you go to sleep ( i know i do) and you want to know your ipod off your bed (ive broken a cd player doing that) you can just leave you iPod on the other side of the room and listn to it with just the headphones. But a reason like that is not a very good reason th invest in such a project.
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