New PowerBooks?

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Man these powerbooks smell of stop-gap to me, i mean no super fast super drive, no extended battery life, no 17" screen, no 120GB HD?! And to top it all off the processor isn't even faster then teh desktop ones or in dual config! I'm dissapointed in apple, and apple sales will suffer until they release good HW for cheaper, that can come close to comparing to the PC world!

...i've noticed a dramatic drop in apple bashign around here, just though i'd keep it up...if you cant tell i'm just joking around i like the new powerbooks alot, thinking about getting one once i'm not poor anymore

...i am 100% joking but how come these aren't stopgap powerbooks but they are stopgap powermacs? i just find the complaining about somethign just because you want better funny

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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    yea I was thinking the same thing yesterday. These do make the PM 1.25ghz at $3200 seem like a tuff sale. So you know Apple has to hit up the towers in Feb. Up to 1.4ghz or so i'd expect. Speaking up speed bumps, the PBs jumped 200mhz, curious if that's happened before? I thought most jumps were 133 or 167mhz or so. Not much difference but hey, I'll take an extra 33mhz every 6 months over Moto's past updates. Can't wait for the 970/IBM era
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    [quote]Originally posted by KidRed:

    <strong>Speaking up speed bumps, the PBs jumped 200mhz, curious if that's happened before?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Nope. That's a new record for the PBs. Of course, if you go by %age, it's not quite so exceptional, but a 20% bump is nothing to sneeze at.

    They should get another significant goose after the low voltage 7457 appears, and/or the 970.

    Whee! It feels like Apple is finally in a place where they can start updating in earnest.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    In a sense they are stopgap, probably the last of the .18u FSB crippled breed.

    Next year should see 7457 and mebbe 7457RM (to solve the FSB issue, but with 200Mhz FSB and 512KB L2, even plain old 7457 will be pretty good in a laptop) I think we may even see the 970 in Powermacs (announced) as soon as January, but not shipping in quantity untill March.

    While that's a long time to wait, it's what happened with the iMac too. Apple knows they need something, and if parts are ready for next year anywhere near a major show, they have to announce them at a major show to get the maximum exposure, even if they don't ship for 3 months after.

    Laptop sales should be good through to the new year now, but I expect desktops to stagnate, and into next year it's going to be very hard to sell anything with a G4 in it as a pro desktop solution.
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