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I just bought a Palm Tungsten C I am attempting to install the latest Palm Desktop to my 1 gig PB running 10.2.6 and I get the following message just after the files begin to load:

Sorry, the operation could not be completed due to a system error. (Access denied).

This problem occurs whether I am installing from the CD or from a download from the Palm site. I have run Disk Utility to repair permissions but I still get this message. One thing I did notice was that most programs before the install will ask for my password but this installation program does not. It begins the install then quits.

Any solutions?


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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    You have to manually change the permissions of the conduits folder.

    I haven't done this in a while, but somewhere in the system folder is a 'conduits' folder with a 'usb' folder in it.

    Make sure you have read/write access to all of the folders in that 'group'.

    Sorry so vague. I helped a friend with this once, but don't use a palm myself so I don't have those folders on my Mac as a reference.
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