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This is a CLI command in OSX, right? I'm following directions at the ADC site, and it says to use ./configure, but Terminal just says that command doesn't exist. I thought it did.


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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    It turns out make isn't availible either.
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    dmgeistdmgeist Posts: 153member
    Okay you have to check your output after you give the ./configure command, like if there is the file to give the command, but yes it does work for when your about to compile your source. Check out the INSTALL file for which you are trying to compile, aslo read the MAKE file and the README of course....geist
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    dmgeistdmgeist Posts: 153member
    errr..ummm the make install all that is provided with the source code....geist
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    I have the source code, and all the files are intact. Perhaps decompressing with OpenUp corrupted something?
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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    you have to do ./configure (then make) from within the source's folder (in terminal). configure is not a builtin command, it is a program that many source-code packages include to facilitate building the package. make is a builtin command, but only works if it is given a 'Makefile'. so, it must also be run within the source directory (but usually must happen AFTER ./configure is successful).

    if you cd into the folder, do 'ls ./configure', if it says file-not-found, then you are probably in the wrong folder. if it doesn't, then you can do './configure' (if it fails, try to follow the directions, or report back with the output). when configure works, then do 'make', then 'sudo make install' (and providing a password if asked). 'make' will build all the files, and 'sudo make install' will install them into the correct places (probably within /usr/local). if 'make', or 'sudo make install', fail then you may have to do some code-hacking, or you can report back with the output (of the error) and i or someone else can try to fix it.
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    Stupid question but you DO have developer tools installed right? Also make sure the software your trying to compile is done with a shellscript instead of ./configure
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