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Since the "AI Gets In On The Action" thread got highjacked by members of the Better Living Through Gyroscopes Society, I thought we could use a dedicated thread on the future of Apple's desktop LCDs.

This tidbit from MOSR caught my eye:

" We have at long last heard from some of our most reliable sources at Apple that the company is hard at work revamping its display lineup with a new, significantly thinner enclosure that will be reminiscent of the G4 iMac and will bring new panels including a higher-resolution entry-level 17-inch display. More details soon -- but we can say right now that these new flat panels will probably come sooner than expected, as soon as August in fact."

This sounds great to me. The metal rivets and white plastic look of the iMac display would be gorgeous as a super thin standalone. August doesn't sound so good for our WWDC plans though. Steve won't intro new Power Macs next week and then wait two months to unveil the displays. Hopefully MOSR is wrong and we'll see these puppies alongside the G5s in 9 days.

It would be nice if the new displays had some range of motion though.

Hhhmmmm, maybe gyroscopes?


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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member

    Originally posted by Ensign Pulver

    Hopefully MOSR is wrong

    Well, that's a pretty safe bet to make...

    I'd be more shocked if they were right.

    And new Apple displays would be awesome. The current ones are gorgeous as can be. But hey, after 3 or so years, everything gets old and tired and in need or a tweak or redesign!
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    To me, new displays are a no-brainer when the new PowerMac cases come out. I can easily imagine what they're saying, it's just common sense to learn from the iMac, as the iMac learned from the Cube. As far as the August release, this is frankly what I expect for the new PowerMacs too, the end of August or even September some time. I know everyone else is going to be crushed when there is no official mention ofthe 970 at WWDC, but I think the leaks will happen, and Apple will (pardon the pun) bear fruit in this respect later this summer. (Remember, summer ends September 21st!)
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Yeah, I'm not quite getting the whole "I'll slit my wrists if there isn't a 970 at WWDC!" thing. Sure, it would be GREAT. But you know it's coming and it won't be long at all after WWDC.

    After all this time, is one - maybe two - more months HONESTLY going to kill anyone or truly make that much of a difference in their lives?


    If no 970's are announced and a bunch of you go "I can't wait..." and buy current G4 towers, here's the deal: a) I will smack you personally AND b) you forfeit your right to bitch and moan when, six weeks after WWDC, dual 1.8 970-based towers are released.

    There isn't one damn person on this board who is going to lose a job, lose a project, lose a paycheck, lose a meal, lose a girlfriend or otherwise have their lives turned upside down by the absence of a 970. You're doing okay now, aren't you?

    "Want" and "need"...big difference.

    Having said all that, I realize you've "suffered" for long years with Motorola. That sucks, doesn't it? We're so close to goodness, after all this time. So do me and yourselves and everyone else a favor: have a drink, read a book and chill the hell out a bit. I guarantee you they'll be here before the leaves start turning. And you can go into autumn and the holidays with a nice shiny rocket on your desk!
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    There are other factors. For example, I'm a student, and the fact that there MAY be some form of PB970 announced at WWDC is exciting to me, because if it takes much longer after that (I'm talking about availability in late Aug. at the latest), it's going to put people like me (my PC went to the Big Beige Box In The Sky) in a bind, where I'm not only looking to switch, but if I don't pick SOMETHING up, I'm going to be entirely computer-less, Mac or otherwise when school starts, and that's obviously not acceptable. So I think this is a very critial time for Apple. It would be sad to see them drop the ball on the back to school market now that they don't have the Moto supply problems to deal with..
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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    Interesting that MacMall(?) has 23" for $1595 (open box) but delivery is 3-5 weeks. Almost thought about it had it not been for the 5 week delivery.
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    Originally posted by Bigc

    Interesting that MacMall(?) has 23" for $1595 (open box) but delivery is 3-5 weeks. Almost thought about it had it not been for the 5 week delivery.

    So, they're expecting a lot of open box 23" displays to be available in 3-5 weeks?

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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member

    Originally posted by Ensign Pulver

    So, they're expecting a lot of open box 23" displays to be available in 3-5 weeks?


    Yeah, but all the displays at are still same day shipping. They won't be selling them at WWDC, that's for sure.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Would you guess at a widescreen 17" or a squarer display? The 17" really is much too expensive at 699 USD, should be about 500 by now, I wonder if they'll go wider and cheaper or a touch bigger?

    say 17.5 and 1440x1080, or basically a 4:3 version of the 20" at the same 699 price. Apple doesn't really like to offer a credible entry level display, so the extra res 1440, could give the incentive to charge more than other manufacturers charge for their 1280 displays.

    I think many pros will prefer 1280x1024 (5:4) to the slightly short (1440x900) of the iMac display. Lotsa tall documents around, amy not look as good, but sometimes a tall display is more practical.
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