PS2 audio-->Mac?

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Just there a way to extract and save specific audio files from a PS2 disc onto my PowerBook? I would specifically like to get some of the great quotes from GTA3 onto my 'book. I've looked around the internet and cannot seem to find what I want, so this seems like the only option I have left.



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    the only kernal panic I have had since I installed jaguar X.2.x was when I put in a ps2 disk to try and get audio.

    maybe you'll have better luck than me but I doubt it.

    Try recording the ps2 sounds to a digi-camcorder then import with imovie, or if you have the hardware take the "sound out" from ps2 and record it straight into your mac.

    Have fun...Randy
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    Luckily I have not gotten any KP's when messing w/ PS2 discs in my PB.8) I thought about just recording them as you suggested, but it is hard to isolate the sound files I want as there is usually ambient noise, car honks, other people talking, etc. going I was hoping to get them straight from the source and be able to save them as something I can convert to .aiff format to use as alert sounds. It's no big deal if I can't just something I thought would be fun to play with and go through all the sounds.
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