Appleworks 6.0.3 in OS X... I think I need an updater

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all,

I'm running OS X 10.2.4, and when I upgraded from 9.2 months ago, I was surprised to find that Appleworks 6.0.3 runs without having to load Classic.

Only problem is it runs horribly: Windows are unmoveable and become unresponsive for no reason, other windows appear out of viewing range, and the thing freezes like ice on an Anchorage sidewalk. Was this some sort of early effort to make Appleworks OSX native or what?

Question is: is there an update patch that allows my 6.0.3 version to run as reliably on OSX as it did in OS9 (not that this was ever a very "reliable" application...)? I've checked out the support downloads page on but I'm not sure what update I might need.




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