Airport Internet Sharing Problems

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So here is my setup:

I have a cable modem and a netgear wireless cable/dsl router. A floor above that is my desktop machine running Linux. What I am trying to do is use OS X's internet sharing to give internet access to my desktop.

My iBook grabs an IP on the Airport interface via DHCP, and then I plug the iBook into my ethernet network upstairs. System Preferences recognizes that my Airport is my internet connection and offers to share this connection with the ethernet network. I start sharing, use dhcp on my linux box to grab an IP which seems to work fine, but it doesn't appear that the iBook is forwarding any traffic out over the Airport interface. I can for the life of me figure out why this isn't working.. anyone?


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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    In System Preferences under Sharing, Internet tab, you have clicked the - Share the connection with other comuters on built-in Ethernet. And that the Internet Sharing is on.

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    Yes I did have it set up correctly. I actually found a solution to this problem. I had to setup the Airport interface to use DHCP before the sharing would work for some reason. Hope others find this useful.
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