Airport & [email protected] woes

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I live in Toronto, Canada and have recently switched ISPs from Sympatico to [email protected] Anyway, I am attempting to configure my Snow Airport Base Station to work with Rogers. When I setup my ABS to use DHCP, it correctly receives all the necessary IP addresses from Rogers EXCEPT for the DNS address. Needless to say, surfing without a DNS address is tough.

If I reconfigure my ABS to use static addressing, (using the addresses supplied under DHCP) and enter the DNS address of a public DNS server, I can surf just fine. (This is only a temporary hack, because the DHCP lease expires regularly, forcing me to reconfigure the ABS before I can surf)

If I connect my Mac directly to the cable modem and configure it to use DHCP, everything configures as it should (including the DNS address), and I can surf as expected.

My question is this, why is my ABS not getting the DNS info? Is there a known incompatibility between Rogers and Airport Base Stations? Is anyone out there successfully using ABS with Rogers?

System Info:

TiBook 800MHz, MacOS 9.2.2, Airport 2.0.4

Snow Airport Base Station, Firmware 4.0.8

Calling Rogers tech support is right out as they explicitly state that they do not support routers of any kind.

Any help appreciated.

Ken Dreyer
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