QS 867 ATA/66 question

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I have a quicksilver 867 power mac, and i've never added any internal storage.. I am still using the 60 GB HD that was already in the computer. I need to get more space, and I have heard that because the ATA controller is an ATA 66 one, i can only have a total of 120 GBs.. I pretty much have no idea what ATA controllers do or anything like that... i just want to know if I should only buy a 60 GB hard drive... Also, if i outgrow that one, will I need a new controller PCI card? Sorry, i really don't understand this stuff... and I can't seem to find it documented anywhere else.



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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    I generally stick to Maxtor and seagate ie those disks that get shiped with the machine.

    Most drives will work tho. You can check on the manufactures site if the are compatible.

    A Maxtor 30GB with model number 6E030L0 is an example of a compatible drive. This is the case for the 20,30,40,60,80 GB Maxtors. (and a pretty cheap).

    A Seagate Barracude 40GB model number ST340014A is also compatible. The same for the 20,40,60 & 80s.

    Installation itself is simple. Apple even has a qt video how to do it. Basically open up the machine. Rest the new hard disk on top of the existing hard disk. Plug in a spare power lead. Plug in the ide cable. Reboot. Use disk utility and format the disk as to how you like it.

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    The Seagates are excellent drives.
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