iMovie 3 freezes on long imports...

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
OK, this has happened now about a half-dozen times, all with different source material.

In a long import to iMovie, say over 30 minutes, more often than not the import will stop on it's own. I have had to re-import from a spot, and then edit to rejoin the clips. This weekend it happened while I was importing some video passed through my Canon ZR40 miniDV, a process that has worked before.

The import stopped on it's own after an hour and five minutes, approximately. I had plenty of hard drive space remaining on a freshly reformatted 80 gb FireWire drive.

I'm using iMovie 3.0.3 on an 800mhz flatscreen iMac with 512mb and a 60 gb drive. I capture my video to an OWC 80 gb FireWire 7200rpm drive, always freshly formatted before a project.

The problem has happened when importing existing DV footage, when capturing live video, when converting analog to DV (passthrough).

Would I have better luck going directly into the iMac's internal drive? This could be a problem, making room on that drive for large projects.

Or is this a common iMovie problem?
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