why PM G5 / iMac G4 are needed

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I'd love to see a G5 PowerMac. Or a G4 iMac. Why? Because, and I am talking experience here, the G4 CPU is not up to par to the current Wintel machines, DDR/1.2ghz or not. And the G3 even less so. They are nice machines but if Joe Average's boy is to play a computer game he'll get next xmas (2002) his G3 iMac at 1ghz wont cut it. Nor will anyone enjoy Maya on a 867 G4.

If Apple doesn't go way over the 1 ghz this year they're gonna loose a lot of potential new customers and selling a G3 iMac for the same cash that people can get a AthlonXP 1800+ wont help here, cool looks or not. They're just running danger of transforming to a "cool expensive toys company formerly having top notch performance" that SGI was in the late 90's.

As much as I like macs and their design, that's not the only points people buying computers take into account.


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    iMac needs G4 1Ghz+ at least.

    PM needs G4/G5 @ 1.6Ghz at least.

    Even if they stay G4, they have to show a 4Xspeed increase over equally pricedINTEL machine to switch people.
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    not 4 times, but the word G4 is getting old and G3 even more. heck, how old is the G3 family by now? 4 years? I wouldn't say a thing if Apple wasn't all about switching to OS X, but you need a G3 for OS X alone, let alone running any software on it.
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    Consumer behavior research indicates that a preceived four fold increase in performance is required to upset incumbent software.

    I heard this from a meeting at Corel..when it was trying to switch Adobe users.

    hardware might be different, but I doubt it, as it cost even more to replace the incumbent PC..
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    they need to, they want to, it doesn't matter.

    If they have the tech they will, if they don't they won't.

    I'm putting about a 4.5 percent chance on the G5 coming out and about a third of that of G4 iMacs and about .0001 percent of the G4 qudrupleing in speed and being cheaper than an x86 chip.
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