iPod scratch proof solution!!

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I've come up with a method to keep the iPod from scratches without the aid of a case (which makes it ugly and bulky) yet looks like there isn't anything there.(even the vinyl stick thing a company came up with is no match for this).

The catch is you have to change it like every month or so, if, and only if you've scratched the layer of cling film.

Cling film! Stretch it on the front and back. I swear to god, you cannot see it at all if you do it well. Squeeze out the bubbles and the back looks like it's metal and feels like it too. As for the front, it's more tricky. What I do is cut holes for the buttons using a scalpel but you might find this troublesome. In any case, just cover the screen.

So what do you think? If anyone's not convinced, I'll post pictures.



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    cubs23cubs23 Posts: 324member
    Yeah, so what is cling film? I guess I am confused, so if it isn't any trouble, pics. would help.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    i assume he means seran wrap
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    Cling film is the kind of plastic film one uses to cover foods and stuff.

    Why? What do you call it? I know that cling film is the term used in the UK.

    I'll take some pitures asap, but you won't see anything other than the ipod since the cling film is transparent and sticks so well to the ipod that you can't see it at all.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    yup... its the plastic wrap stuff

    cling wrap

    seran wrap

    its all the same
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    Yeah, well, it works very well. I suggeset you all have a go.!
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    Thanks but I'll pass.
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