Firewire 800 external HDD recomendations?

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While most of us are frothing at the mouth, and about to have an aneurism with anticipation for WWDC, I'm going to be buying my first Mac soon. It's going to be some form of Powerbook, most likely a 17", but I need some sort of portable media storage for my 20gb of MP3s, around 10gb of misc. media. It will sit on my desk most of the time, but it will make trips (in a car) semi-frequently.

What I need:

Something fast (FW800 preferably)

Somthing semi-portable (shock resistant more than small)

Something relatively large (30-60gb)

Something afordable (<$400)

Lacie seems to be winning by sheer selection at the moment, but I'm quasi-new to the mac scene (I grew up with them thought grade-school, but had a PC at home since I was around 7) so I need a bit of guidance.

Thanks alot!

<3 Chris


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    Check out They have pretty good external hard drives. Have always had success with them.
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    Purchasing advice? That's 4 forums down and to the left in General Discussion. Watch your step exiting the elevator. Have a nice day!
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    Sorry bout that D:
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