Transfering files from iMac to eMac- how?

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I want to transfer some files and programs off of my old iMac onto the new eMac. Can I run a ethernet cable between the two and have the iMac hard drive reconized on the eMac? Is there a way I can transfer programs so they will work on the eMac? Should I start up in OS 9 on the eMac since that is the OS on the iMac? Thanks in advance!


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    enaena Posts: 667member
    Get a "crossover cable" and plug it into the emac and iMac.

    Start file sharing on the computer you want to get the files from.

    check your appletalk control panel and make sure both are pointed to "ethernet"

    on the machine you want to get files from right click on the hard drive icon and under "sharing" set the permissions so that everyone can read/write.

    go back to the users/groups control panel and make sure "allow guests to connect" is set.

    goto the chooser or in X "connect to server(computer?)" and connect via appletalk.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    does the iMac have firewire?

    firewire target disk mode is much easier...
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    I have firewire. "firewire target disk mode is much easier" How do I go about that? Would'nt the old computer be reconized by the new one just by firewire? Like an external hard drive is?
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    macusersmacusers Posts: 840member
    have them both connected with fire wire, turn one of them off, and leave the other running, now turn on the one that you turned off and hold "t" on the keyboard until a big firewire logo shows up, now the other computer will have a external hard drive icon on the desktop, and thats the othe computer - simple
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