Adobe Illustrator PhotoShop Pantone Spot Colors

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Just getting into using Pantone Spot Colors in Illustrator. But here is the problem. And please forgive any mixing of terms (correct me please).

When you create a file in Illustrator, you have to save it as a DCS file (to retain the spot colors) in order to use the file in PhotoShop. But when you see the Illustrator file in Photoshop, the spot color is WAY OFF. And when you print it to a color laser, same deal as on the screen.

When the file is sent to be proofed externally, it works fine as the spot color occupies its own channel beyond the CMYK channels. But why are the spot colors so far off for two Adobe applications?

I got this from Adobe's website:

"The main DCS file, as an enhanced EPS file, may contain a full-color composite representation of the image saved as a PICT file in the main file's resource fork. Using this PICT file, applications can display a preview of the DCS file on-screen, enabling you to view and manipulate the composite image in the DCS Consumer application... When a composite of the image is not described in the main DCS file's PostScript code, the printing application may download the PICT file screen preview to the printer as a composite image for proofing."

So, is the nature of Illustrator is that it uses a PICT to display and print the image? Am I reading this right? Isn't a PICT just 8-bit color and that explains the low-res format? Why is this format in this day and age so low-res? Is it because of Quark (who DCS was made by)?

I've tried all the other Save As formats that claim to support spot colors and spot channels, but only DCS works going form Illustrator to PhotoShop.

Am I missing anything to get Illustrator and PhotoShop to display similar spot colors? Are there rendering engines or color matching engines that different (and therefore it is not possible)?
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