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I noticed the members of each forum are no longer listed. Just a total list at the directory of forums page listing of members online. Is this just a suspension due to the large number of people in Temp Insane? Will the feature be back afterwards?

It is just rather strange not knowing who is in a forum at a given time.




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    Jonathan mentioned something in Temp. Insane that he was removing the list of people logged in to the forums at the top of the pages because there were so many people and it was pulling the page down too much. It was my impression of his comment, that feature will be re-enabled after the whole WWDC excitement.
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    What Mac Man said.

    It should return later once things have settled down a bit.
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    aquafireaquafire Posts: 2,758member

    Originally posted by Brad

    It should return later once things have settled down a bit.

    Nice to know.

    It feels strange not being able to see if anyone is sharing cyberspace with you.. Wow that's a new human experience ..well for me anyway...8)
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    ti fighterti fighter Posts: 863member
    Don't worry there will at least be 100 or more people in TI 24/7 all weekend, you wont be alone
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    I notice that you have to space your posts two minutes apart now. That's a nuisance, but I guess it prevents spamming by idiotic trolls who are jealous of us Mac users.
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