kobishi digital camera... is it mac compatible or not?

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found this camera round at several places


looks good (though its been pointed out its nowhere near 4 megapixels in reality) yet i don't know whether to trust the claim that its also for mac.

or whether ALL the features work on the mac.

the homepage doesn't make any mention of mac's in the spec


and the user guide only has requirements for IBM PC/AT compatible (whatever that means, though i'm hoping that refers to mac's).

want to know its fully mac compatible before i buy, so has anyone here had experience with this camera?


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    Well, if it says it is, then? I suppose it is. Email them.
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    i found out its not got a driver for mac os's.

    which is bizarre because everywhere selling it states emphatically its for both...
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    yeah, i know lots of camera's work plug and play. have seen a very small camera work fine with a friends usb ibook.

    but i wanted to get a decent camera which also recorded low quality video and worked as webcam (the kobishi one also supposedly worked as mp3 player and voice recorder).

    the above camera seemed cool and i reckon the pictures would upload and even the video as i've heard many non mac cameras do. only if i'm paying £115 for it i'd like to get one were all the features it have work on mac, including webcam.

    though i've heard alot of webcam's don't work on mac's because that bit atleast appears to require drivers. is that true?

    what do reckon the likelihood of me finding a decent camera where it all works for a mac? any suggestions...
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    so i guess its a gamble as to whether i can get the wbcam working.

    ah well, guess i'll have to risk it, unless there are any digital cameras that have their own webcam drivers for mac.
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