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I recently purchased an ipod from ebay. When I connected it to my computer, the first thing I noticed was it sounded like my old imac's hard drive starting up. Whirling, clicking, it was even vibrating a bit. What gives? Is this something that can be corrected with a firmware update or something or am I just screwed and glued? thanks for any input. Of note, the ipod is a 20 gig for windows. Of course I was messing around and plugged it into my mac, would this account for any noises???



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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    There is a Hard drive in the iPod, and yes it does have to spin up every now and again. The iMacs HD was never loud, the the iPods is very qiuet, nothing to worry about.
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    terry123terry123 Posts: 46member
    What I was trying to say was that my ipod's hard drive is not quiet. Please re-read the question as I value any input you have to offer.

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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    The thing is, you do not state how loud it is, or if you hear it in a completely silent room, or whatever... Could you be more specific?

    One thing: You got this from Ebay... New or second hand? IF it hasn't run out of warrenty, which I don't think it would have done, then you could take it to an Apple store..
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    I have felt the vibrations of the iPod hard drive spinning in my hand, but never heard any noises. Your iPod software version should be 1.3. When you plug it into your Mac, doesn't that start to format it for the Macintosh system? Did you interrupt that process?
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