The new album from Mogwai

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Anyone heard it yet? Is it good?

What about the included version of Cubase? Is it PC only?


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    I haven't heard all of it but generally everything Mogwai does is worth listening to.

    I'm sure you've answered this for yourself a long time ago but the cubase file is PC only.

    From Matador's website:

    But for those otherwise unconvinced of the value-for-money thing, the CD versions of 'Happy Songs' do include the album's Cubase PC files for those of you seeking to remix, unmix, karaoke-ize Mogwai, etc. Unless you're using a mac, in which case you are shit out of luck (this wasn't our idea, btw. Whenever you are wondering why something disappointing happened, remember it was someone else's fault besides Matador's).

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