Who's in your iTunes playlist?

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For me... well look at my sig.

You may want to post a pic too... of iTunes.


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    A LOT of stuff...especially Great Big Sea, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Gershwin, and a LOT more.
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    Almost everything released by Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion/Boss Hog/ Pussy Galore) Lots from the good people at Matador (Malkmus/Cat Power/New Pornographers) Lotsa Pulp and a smattering of Classical.
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    dnisbetdnisbet Posts: 201member
    Fingathing, DJ Shadow, Mix Master Mike, The Streets, Audio Bully's, System of a Down, Killa Kela and many more
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    ericgericg Posts: 135member
    At the moment PJ Harvey and Frank Tovey
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