Radiohead. Hail to the Thief.

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Just got it today, and it's reeeally good by the way. Anyway, first thing I do is I put in my eMac to import to iTunes and two discs appear on the desktop. One has the CD tracks on it, and the other has? something else.

I checked the back, it says it works with Mac OS X, so I clicked on the MacPlayer, but nothing happened. What does it do, if anyone else has the same disc? It's the limited edition disc if that matters, and I'm on 10.1.5.


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    povvypovvy Posts: 1member
    I only have one image mount when I put the CD in. I have the Special Edition package too.

    Sometimes CD's keep "ehanced" features like videos, etc. on separate images like that, but I don't think that's the case with this album (which is absolutely great).

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    Well, I tried it again, and the second mount, AUDIO is still there. The MacPlayer works, now. It's just a little built-in audio player. I prefer iTunes, though.
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    EDIT: I posted that to be the GD's 60,000th post. Yay for me.
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