nokia 3650 & isync compatability??

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What's it like? I just want a really good contact list that sync's well, and transferring video & pix would be sweet too. Can you also use it like the ericssons to control your apple via bluetooth with scripts??

Aside from that, anyone know what is the 3650 is like as a phone? I'm dicing between a sony ericsson P800, 610 or the 3650... And I just can't decide!!!


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    scotioscotio Posts: 40member
    The 3650 is really cool! I have had the T68, and the T610 and while they rock too, the reception on SE phones is simply terrible. They do not optimize the phone well for the US market and it's poor GSM coverage.

    I have NEVER seen any GSM phone get better reception than the 3650. It syncs perfectly with isync (not the calendar yet though). The coolest part was with pics that I had taken, I selected it, chose transfer/bluetooth, and they simple appeared on my 12" powerbook's desktop!!!!

    that rocks!

    Trust me, if you intend to use it as a phone (one that actually gets reception, that is), get the 3650!!!

    Have fun!!

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    666666 Posts: 134member
    thanx robin!!

    any idea if they plan to isync the calender, as that is really important to me. Calender & contacts.

    the pix transfer sounds great!!!!
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    scotioscotio Posts: 40member

    Contacts sync fine, it is only iCal that does not; to be honest, I am not certain whether that will change or not.

    Don't forget also that the T610 only has 2mb of non expandable memory, whereas the 3650 has 4MB internally, comes with a 16MB mmc card and can be expanded to 128MB. This is really cool, and you can store about 400 highest resolution pics on the card. I only have a 1MB data plan (AT&T) and so this makes much more sense than having to e-mail the pics to people.

    The iCal thing is the only issue, the interface and reception are absolutely gorgeous.


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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    You can sync the calendars on your 3650. In the terminal do this:

    "sudo pico /Library/Application\\ Support/SyncService/501/SymbianConduitDefaults.plist"

    Enter your password. And change the false in this line to true:



    And then type ctrl+x and answer 'y' when it asks if you want to overwrite the file.

    to say true. Keep the trailing slash. You should see the calendars in the iSync window now. This works with the 3650 for sure. I do it without a problem. Of course, make sure you back up first just in case.
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