New Digital Life Style Device Nov 29?

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Has anybody give any thought to the fact that there is a possibility that Apple will introduce a new DLD on friday? They are hosting the special hours at all of their store on friday night. Wouldn't this be a prime time to introduce the new product in time for the christmas shopping season. (just in time)

They could announce it Friday morning and have it available for purchase that night at the special in-store events.

I have no proof other than pure marketing knowledge of how corporate america works.

Apple is such a tight-lipped company that they could pull this off. For all we know there could be unmarked boxes sitting at all of the apple stores just waiting for Friday night to be opened.

So with that said talk away



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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    Well, somethings happening on Friday, that is a given.
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    No, I doubt it will be a new iDevice. Who would buy some new, unproven technology without a little time to do research. With the iPod, there was a month or so that went by before the public could actually get one. They had them at the stores to try out, so that a good buzz could be built.

    Look for some kind of discount on existing products. A friend of mine at our local Apple Store says they have STACKS of Macs in the stockroom.
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    No. Just some promotions on saving a few bucks on products and drawings in each store for an iMac.
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