Mac OS X for pro users or not?

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Recently I have seen some discussions where pro users say that they are still using OS9 and they aren't going to switch into OS X. Some pros might even still use 8.6 and older versions of software/hardware. Most pro users say: "I am not moving into OS X, because everything works fine and our collaborators are using same systems." Why you should move into OS X, if your systems work well under OS9, nobody around you isn't using OS X and you can do well your daily work with OS9.

How many is actually doing business with OS X?

Is there any fears, that pros aren't moving into OS X and Apple starts loosing market share in the future?

In the future maybe biggest thing for Apple is to get pros moving into OS X. This might not happen quite soon. Transition into OS X might be harder thing for Apple what they might have ever thought, because people have to buy new hardware & software -> update their systems. That isn't easiest thing. Costs against benefits.


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    The pros your talking about are most certainly all involved into DTP or similar stuff (ie Quark and shit). They're afraid to move to anything new because they're afraid that they antiquated version of Quark is not going to make the jump.

    Pros in other areas, such as 3D, networks etc are embracing OS X.

    Once Quark gets out with their version for OS X (or is replacedby InDesign alltogether), these people will start to switch as well.

    I think it's a safe bet to assume that the switch from OS 9 to OS X is a smaller step than from OS 9 to Windows XP, so actually it's not Apple having the problem, it's the pros being too pussy for some changes.

    My Dad is also still typing his letters on a 5200/75 with OS 7.5.5 although he has a fat TiBook 550 with OS 9 and OS X. Too pussy to drop the old machine and move everything over to the new one. And then of course complaining that the two different versions of Word have trouble with each other when moving files from one to another.

    (btw Word is the shite anyway).

    Take the courage and save yourself a lot of time and nerve. The sooner the better.

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    OS9 works for most people, and since grafix users and such doesnt have the need for a *NIX command line, then why should they switch?

    They might do it when Quark 5, OSX only, is out, but untill now, they have just about 0% reason to do it!
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    Moving to Mac OS X.
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