iChatAV requires G4?

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Okay, so I've got me widdle iBot, I've got me Pismo, I've got me iChatAV.

"This computer does not support video conferencing."

Just too damned slow?


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    matveimatvei Posts: 193member
    600 mhz G3 minimum...
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Okay, I found that on the iSight page just now, and was going to come ask that... but where did you find it re: iChatAV?
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    matveimatvei Posts: 193member
    at the bottom of this page....

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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    so it will work on my iMac FP but not my iMacDV...oh well, the kids will be happy...i would video chat at them all the time and drive them nuts....

    hey, did you clean your room??? turn that camera around and let me see


    and yes i will be getting one...but i fear i will feel like the omega man...nobody else will be on video that i know and i will just be looking around for people to chat with and never finding any
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    xionjaxionja Posts: 504member
    Who's for starting a little group, or listing i suppose of people with webcams wanting to try out their new Allmighty iChat AV powers?
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    I just did a roaming video iChat with a PowerBook, DV camcorder and AirPort Extreme with a random dude on Ars Technica...very very cool
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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    I have an iMac DVSE 400 and a 12" PB. I am thinking about trying iSight on the iMac anyway. Does Apple let you return stuff like this?

    I will be getting the next rev iMac most likely so it wouldn't be a huge setback.
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    matveimatvei Posts: 193member
    your iMac won't be able to use iChat for Video. Only audio. 600 mhz G3 minimum for video...
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    iChat AV Pubic Master Beta rocks my world.
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    slackulaslackula Posts: 262member
    Hmmm....Got a 1 Gig FP iMac....iSight looks like it could be a fun little thing to play with, but only have dial-up now (as I get it dirt cheap.) Though one of the system requirements is obviously stated as having a broadband connection, the iChat page seems to note that the system would work (surely in a primitive way) with just a 56k internet connection. Wonder if that's true....It would be worth the cost of iSight just to see the look on Matsu's face when the 12" Power Books come out with the G5's in them less than a year after he purchased his. ;-) Maybe it's time to finally get broadband....Now where is that abacus when I need it?....Need to add up all the loose change from the seat cushions and break into the kids' piggy banks and try to scrape up enough shekels for iSight....
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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    Audio does seem to work fine on my iMac with iChat AV. However, it appears I need an external mike to boost the sound. I can hear sound fine on the iMac but I can just barely hear it on my PB from my iMac.

    This appears to be a knowledge base issue that Apple has already posted.

    I am going to have to update soon. This is something my family would really love to use. I travel enough that this would be a wonderful way to stay closer.
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    blizaineblizaine Posts: 239member
    Wow, video is awesome!

    I had been using squidcam (which has WAY to many tweaks and quality kinda sucks) and the quality in iChat is freakin unbelievable!

    Just thought I'd share...
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    mac writemac write Posts: 289member
    I can't even Receive video (not broadcast) from my Beige G3. I wonder if adding a G4 550mhz CPU would solve that.

    When I audio chat, it's great except that other things on my Mac crawl. this also might be due to my Radeom Mac:Edition drivers gone crazy (meaning ZEREO hardware excelleration and I can't delete the drivers to reinstall).

    One question, will Apple pull an iPod and say in 2005 "the new iChat 4, Requires the new iSght 2"

    I hope not. but that is a major concern that they won't support it in 2 years.

    Other then higher res, how can they improve it? Or will it be just like the pro Mouse and keyboard.
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    g3joelg3joel Posts: 29member
    I can receive audio on my B&W G3 but can't seem to be able to send it. I have one of those analogue 16 bit mics that came with it, does it only work with USB mics?

    Edit: ok I've noticed now that it's supposed to work with *any* microphone... so what's the deal? :-(

    Edit #2: lol woops, I didn't have it selected in the prefs. It's confusing because it's listed in the "Video" section.
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    gizzmonicgizzmonic Posts: 511member
    It works on my G4-450 Yikes machine, but it's sloooow as all get out. Yep, I need a G5 like now, if for no other reason than to play with iChat AV. Dammit Steve you've done it to me again
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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member
    Requirements for iChat AV (Public Beta)


    Mac OS X 10.2.5 or later

    Any PowerPC G3 microprocessor or later

    iSight, or any microphone

    56 kbit/s modem connection


    Mac OS X 10.2.5 or later

    PowerPC G5, PowerPC G4, and 600 MHz or faster PowerPC G3 microprocessors

    iSight or any FireWire based camera

    Cable, DSL, or other broadband Internet connection

    iSight, or any microphone
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