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This may seem like an obvious choice given today's events, but hear me out...

I'll be using my new Mac solely as a home PC for the iLife apps and web browsing. I'm looking forward to burning DVD's and sharing iTunes with a Powerbook (G3; 400) connected to my TV/Stereo in the living room via WI-FI. I'm also a gamer, and would like to play the occasional high-profile game. I'm getting a 30GB iPod with whatever I purchase as well.

There's no question that the 17" iMac has the horsepower to handle my needs today, and it includes a terrific display.

However, the newly discounted PowerMac G4's can be had (dual G4, 512MB Ram, Superdrive etc.) for about the same price, but I'll have to live with my existing 19" CRT (beast) monitor.

Alas, there's also the ever-so-difficult decision to WAIT (patience is not my forte) and pick up a new 1.6 G5 come September, for only about $200 more than the above (including iPod, but again without display). And, that $200 might be offset by the bundled inclusion of Panther and the obvious speed gains.

Tell me what to buy! I've got $2,500 or so to spend and I want to be happy with this choice for at least 3 years. Any suggestions are appreciated. I know the easy thing to say is to wait for the G5, but do I really need that power? Or am I better served to satisfy my wife's desire for the iMac's aesthetics and 17" monitor? Thanks


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    I am in your exact situation, the iMac is a terrific machine but you are stuck with the graphic card, I really want a new G5, but August seems to far, anyway, we dont know if a current dual 1,25 G4 is faster than a single 1.6 G5, I think that the G4 is faster, anyway, the dual 1,25 G4 has some advantages: 2 optical drives and 4 hds. I am a prosumer and I will want to work with final cut express with light editions, I think the dual 1,25 will be enough for most tasks.
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    Originally posted by Sport73

    [Blah blah]...I've got $2,500 or so to spend...[Yadda Yadda]

    If you've got the money, it's a no-brainer. The low-end G5 tower will so run rings around the iMac, that I can't see any good reason to get anything else. The overall architecture is just such a leap over any current Mac. If you aren't set on the SuperDrive, a low-cost alternative might be to get a 15" iMac now and a new low-end iMac in two years. But the "mid-range" is so blown away by the G5. Get one, and keep saving for a new display.

    Edit: I didn't realize they're still selling the Dual-1.25's. In your situation, that might tempt me. Regardless of how the chips stack up, though (I have a feeling 1.6G5 will match a 2x1.25G4 for all but specialized-DP tasks), the G5 has all the other architectural improvements that enhance the day-to-day performance of the box. And it's only $400 more...
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