The Magic 8-Ball Says...

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
The Magic 8 ball has spoken, and the following products will be updated, transformed, or dropped from the lineup sometime in the short-term future:

* 15" iMac (not sure, but I think it's going away - something's happening to it in any event)

* iBooks (don't know what to make of this - didn't they just get updated?)

* XServe (winner of the duh statement of the year award)

* Apple Displays (might just be a casing change for the 20" and 23" - no clue on timeframe, but displays can be pretty heavy)

I should have posted yesterday that the PowerMac G4 wasn't going away, but I guess I didn't believe it myself. Oh well - better luck next time, I guess.

Edit: not precluding possibility of updates to the 15" PowerBook, but no updates to eMac or 17" iMac until these happen
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