Displays need to be updated

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Displays need to be updated to better match the G5s and Aluminum PowerBooks. Hoping it'll have thin bezels, more adjustability and a mesh back. By the time the G5s ship, please. Plus, give us the 30" for $2999


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    contemptcontempt Posts: 43member
    wow! you're absolutely right. a thin bezel like the 1/2" samsung models in aluminum. and one that actually tilts and is fully adjustable.

    the mesh backing would be an awesome touch as well. let's hope.
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    rolandgrolandg Posts: 632member
    They also need to upgrade the USB-hub in the displays. Is ADC capable of carrying USB 2?
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    coscos Posts: 99member
    I remember last time I visited Disneyland (or was it disney world... i forget), while in the line for Space mountain i remember seeing something that really intrigued me.

    While waiting in line, there is a painted mural behind several panes of glass (or plastic... hard to be sure). These panes of glass can suddenly, loose their transparency by turning themselves into LCD displays, which are totally opaque (no longer could you see through them anymore).

    What was nice about this was the fact that the picture went to the complete edge of each square. I remember thinking to myself, "wow, that would make for a REALLY nice display."

    That was over 6 years ago. Surely, whatever technology being used there would have come down in price since then.

    Imagine, Apple shipping a display that (when turned off) looked like a sheet of glass, but when turned on, displayed an image which went to the very edge.

    Now, imagine an arm clinging to the left, or right edge, which of-course had the maneuverability of the LCD iMac's display.

    This display would be an engineering marvel and a thing of beauty.

    Has anybody seen the thing at Space mountain thing that I'm talking about?
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