So where is your Smeagol?

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Hm? I haven't seen or heard anything about it... several NDA's are now no longer in existence, ... it might be the right time to clear it up (esp. seeing the fact that there doesn't seem to be a 10.2.7)


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    jlljll Posts: 2,709member
    Smeagol will be the version of Mac OS X 10.2 delivered with the new PMG5s.

    Mentioned here:
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    And it was mentioned during the keynote that the new G5s would ship with 10.2.7. That's Smeagol.

    Also, FYI, at last report, Smeagol was being built with the older developer tools. This may change before it's shipped, but this means that you'll feel another pretty boost on speed when you install the better-optimized Panther 10.3 on the new G5s.
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    Hm.. anyone notice that the window title for tn2086.html is "TN2064: Tuning for G5: A Practical Guide"? And the title for tn2087.html is "Blah!" ?

    Not that it matters, but obviously things have been sliding since they lost a webmaster...

    Interesting to note that a new OSSystemInfo API will be included with Smeagol and Panther to aid developers in choosing the best way to execute code.
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