Dell vs Mac

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<a href=""; target="_blank">Dell vs APPLE</a>

Pentium Iv 3GHz with Hyperthreading VS PowerMac G4 2*1.25GHz (~Altivec)

PowerMac is 2 times slower and is more expensive. As said the writer if you work the whole day on the same program the OS makes not a great difference.

Now Apple is pissed. They need to have big PowerMac coming out in the next 2 months.

new motherboard (5Gb/s throughput)

new PowerPC (at least 2*1,6 GHz G4 or the G5)

new mouse (2 buttons for professionel use)

new GPU

new prices

They need to do something quickly.


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    Do we still play that game where we post to a thread before it's locked or moved?
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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    Lets play GIGO. Garbage-in/Garbage-out
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    ....For the love of God....Mod, please lock this thread....
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    xypexype Posts: 672member
    you know what? I have a PC I am working on. and I realised that it does not FRECKIN MATTER HOW FAST IT IS, because I spent the last 4 weeks doing stuff that would take two on a Mac - because Windows decided it doesn't want to boot anymore half trough my work.

    in my experience Macs work. and hell, I am prepared to pay twice or four times the price for that luxus.

    I, for one, am sick of rebooting, reinstalling, patching and whatnot when I have a deadline to meet. the last few weeks have frustrated every desire for a PC out of me.
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