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in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I was wondering if anyone out there has this problem.

I can't change the font as seen with the above image and the preferences don't apply the change.



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    Click Advanced. Are you using any special style sheets?

    Strange, I've never seen that kind of font behavior before. You might ought to try removing the preferences file or using the "reset safari" item in the Safari menu.
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    /mandolux//mandolux/ Posts: 648member
    No style sheets. Already got rid-off the preference file and reset the app to no avail.

    BTW, it is Safari 1.0 (v85)
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    I bet you have a LOT of fonts, yes? Well, I'm wondering if there might be a corrupted font or something out there that could be messing with the display.
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    /mandolux//mandolux/ Posts: 648member
    Yeap. Maybe I should change the location of my fonts from the System-wide Library Font folder to the home font directory.
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    Thanx Brad - I don't see the problem now with Safari.

    Now, how would I know if a font is corrupted?
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