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I'm in kind of a bad situation right now. I'm needing to get a laptop for Fall semester of school (school's 30 miles away), and at the same time, I'm needing to sell my PowerMac G4/400 768mb. I'm looking at getting the 12" PowerBook since it's only 4.6 pounds, and (I think?) the 867mhz even without the L3 cache should absolutely floor me compared to my current Mac. (any idea how it compares to a 1.6ghz P4?)

What I'm concerned about is that as it gets closer and closer to August, the value of my powermac is going to keep dropping daily, but at the same time, Apple might release an updated 12" PowerBook at MWNY or maybe even within the next couple of months.

So should I take advantage of the current $1499 price on the 12" and not worry about it until I can snag a different one in a year, or should I wait 3 weeks until MWNY and hope the value of my desktop doesn't go down too terribly much?

If it's any help, here's what I'm planning on getting:

-PowerBook G4 867mhz 12", 640mb RAM, 60gb HD, Airport Extreme (no superdrive)

-Brenthaven mobility backpack

-Airport Extreme base station

-WinBook 17" LCD (with VGA connector)

-iCurve (notebook stand)

-iPod 15gb ($200 off!)

-Bubblejet printer (free from Apple)

PS. Any of you that might have a 12" PowerBook and play Warcraft 3, would you mind giving some info on your settings? Does it work at 1024x768x32 with high detail without slowdown (even in battles)?

Thanks for any help!


I forgot to put in what applications I'll be using:

Microsoft Office v.X



Dreamweaver MX

Fireworks MX


Warcraft III


And then all of the regular stuff that would work on pretty much anything I Safari, Mail, ircle/xchat, etc
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