We don't need no benchmarks!

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Hey...people...leave those chips alone!

Sorry, I hadn't listened to that Pink Floyd song in a while and it started playing while I was reading the "benchmark conspiracy" threads.

Lots of controversy surrounding the benchmarks Apple posted. Need I remind you, that even if the benchmarks were "slightly manipulated" to make the G5s look

A) Faster than any PCs!

B) Pretty good!

c) In the ballpark of similar PC offerings(especially the top of the line Xeons and P4s) performance wise

to have even "comparable" or "ballpark" performance to the fastest P4s and Xeons is a VERY impressive showing by the 1GHz slower G5!! Hello?? What do you think those benchmarks would look like if the G5 wasn't a dual 2 GHZ but a dual 3 GHz ??
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