Broken iMac...please help!

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Hi Guys,

I have a Tangerine iMac DV. It's been really great and never crashed on me before. It crashed one day and instead of restarting it with the keyboard my dad pulled the power cord out of the wall After putting it back in a second later he tried to restart. The following is what happens when you restart:

1 - Screen flashes light blue for a fraction of a second

2 - Screen becomes grey and stays that way

3 - After about 30 minutes of grey screen the System software folder appears telling me to reinstall. When I put in my CD it doesn't even spin it up. By the way, the whole time this is happening, the HD is not spinning.

We tried changing the battery and zapping the p-ram and none of that worked. Does anyone have a clue as to how to fix this?

Thanks a lot,



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    If you have OS X installed perhaps holding option down at startup might help.

    might also try DOCS delete Option Command Shift at startup to boot from CD
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    What OS do you have installed?

    Have you tried firewire target mode?
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    robsterrobster Posts: 256member
    Go here:

    Apple manuals

    Download the tech support pdf for your iMac, look for the troubleshooting section it'll give you a list of what to do to fix this.
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