have you seen apple's special deals section? major product refreshes seem likely

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i'm a moron. i clicked on 2-day shipping and thought i was clicking on special deals. i left the thread below for amusement value. lock!


it seems the special deals section of the apple store is a pretty good indication of products they are trying to clear out. you may notice that pretty much everything apple sells is in their special deals store, from the xserve to the ibook:


PowerBook 17TFT/1GHz-L3/512DDR/60G/SuperDrive/64VRAM/56K/AIRPT \tAdd \t$3,299.00

\tPowerBook 15.2TFT/1GHz-L3/512SD(2 SO-DIMMS)/60G/SuperDrive/64VRAM/56K/AIRPT \tAdd \t$2,599.00

\tPowerBook G4 12.1TFT/867MHz/256DDR266/40G/SuperDrive/BT \tAdd \t$1,799.00

\tPowerBook 15.2TFT/867-L3/256SD/40G/Combo/32VRAM/56K \tAdd \t$1,999.00

\tPowerBook G4 12.1TFT/867MHz/256DDR266/40GB/Combo \tAdd \t$1,599.00

\tiMac 1GHz 17" TFT/256SD/80G/SuperDrive/GeF 4MX/56K/SPKRS \tAdd \t$1,799.00

\tiMac 800MHz 15" TFT/256SD/60G/Combo/GeF 2MX/56K/SPKRS \tAdd \t$1,299.00

\tiBook 900MHz/14.1XGA/256SD/40GB/Combo/E/56K \tAdd \t$1,499.00

\tiBook 12.1TFT/900MHz/128SD/40G/Combo/E/56K/FW \tAdd \t$1,299.00

\tiBook 12.1TFT/800MHz/128SD/30G/CD/E/56K/FW \tAdd \t$999.00

\tXserve RAID 2520G/14Drive/2x2GB FC \tAdd \t$10,999.00

\tXserve RAID 1260G/7Drive/2x2GB FC \tAdd \t$7,499.00

\tXserve RAID 720G/4Drive/2x2GB FC \tAdd \t$5,999.00

\tXserve 1.33GHz DP/256/60G/1xGigE/10Client \tAdd \t$2,799.00

\teMac 1GHz/256SD/80G/Super/56K \tAdd \t$1,299.00

\teMac 1GHz/128SD/60G/Combo/56K \tAdd \t$999.00

\teMac 800MHz/128SD/40G/CD/56K \t

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