Panther technology demonstration

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This isn't a thread about morals or flamewars or anything like that. This is a thread about Panther, so let's keep it the way I meant this thread to be. Now, given that, on to the demo!!

Panther is FAST in a lot of areas, and it's very smooth as well. I remember when the first build of 10.2 came out and it wasn't this fast.

Certain things are a bit shaky though. iChat AV was perfectly smooth with 10.2 and it's a bit jaggy sometimes now; it doesn't look as smooth.

Expose is awesome. AWESOME.

Browsing the internet is a bit faster than before.

Multiple users and fast switching rocks!!

The System Prefs window slides into place like it does in Jaguar but in Panther it also has this really cool 'fade' effect. very nice.

Any questions?


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    gambitgambit Posts: 475member
    Oh. Somebody already beat me to this. Okay, carry on, carry on.

    (By the way, scrolling is finally smooth! And internet shit is FAST!!!!)
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    Yeah, let's keep all the "show off" requests and stuff in that other thread by "Apple Panther" -- in fact, I'll make it a sticky!
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