Installing a Pioneer DVR-105 Superdrive in a dual 1.25 GHZ MDD PowerMac?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Want to install a Pioneer retail drive in the above machine.

Any issues I should know about and will it work?



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    Hey-- this isn't a G5 topic! Don't confuse us here.

    I've added this drive to an old AGP G4 without any issues. Don't see why there would be with the MDD. Works great, and it's even firmware v1.0. I've been too lazy to update it to v1.30. For all I know, it's up to 1.4 by now.
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    msanttimsantti Posts: 1,377member
    Well, a MDD G4 is current hardware.

    I figure we need at least 1 non G5 post a day anyways.
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