Carrara 3D Basics

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Anyone here use this, have experience with it, have an opinion on it, etc.

I saw an add for Carrara Studio in that "digital hub" special issue of Macworld and went to their website and stumbled across 3D Basics, which is a $99 3D program.

It looks pretty sweet. Actually, I downloaded the 3-month demo version to play around with.

I'm not animating and I'm not doing lifelike human/animal building. I'd like to be able to flesh out various mockups and things like that into 3D space, in addition to floorplans and house additions and infographics, etc.

Mostly man-made, hard-edged stuff (as opposed to water, sky, lizards, dragons, etc.

This program seems to be what I want. Can any of you all tell me more about it: the good, the bad, the ugly...if applicable?


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    Would it help if I said "the G5 sucks!", "iPods are for sissies" or made a politically volatile statement of some sort?

    Works in AppleOutsider.

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    Do not get carrara basics. Get carrara studio, if you HAVE to buy from Eovia. There are plenty of other cheap 3D apps out there, most notably electric image's Amorphium 3, which features subdivision surface modeling. Carara Basic is the kind of program that is similar to a point-and-shoot camera: it takes many choices away from the user.
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    If you have the horsepower to run it I think Carrara Studio 2.1 is a very good product. It was a little buggy at first but by now it's failry stable and much snappeir ? than it was originally.

    I like it. If you've ever used Bryce and found it fairly easy, you can learn CS2. It's more or less a mix of Bryce and Infini-D from days of old. Excellent documentation.
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