Football vs. Football -or- David James @ Miami Dolphins camp

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The Miami Herald has run a nice feel-good piece about UK football star David James working out with the Miami Dolphins. (For the purposes of this thread I will refer to what is commonly known as "soccer" in the US as "football", as it is known internationally.)

Some select quotes from the article:

''It's not what I thought it was,'' James said of his NFL experience. "It's a lot harder. When you see a 25-stone [350-pound] guy actually moving next to you, you realize they're not the dinosaurs they seem on the telly. They're so much faster than they look.''

And since I'm a Longhorn...

He was particularly impressed with running back Ricky Williams.

''The guy is a tank,'' he said. "I saw him from the back first and he's as wide as he is tall. Nice bloke, as well. You can really see why he's able to do what he does on the field. He let loose on our last sprint and left me in his wake. Don't have anyone like that in England.''


''He's a hell of an athlete,'' (Dolphins wide receiver James) McKnight said. "With a little fine-tuning, and some footwork, he could be a good wide receiver. His hand-eye coordination is superb. I could see him doing any sport, dunking a basketball, playing volleyball, long jumping, anything.''

How is that for bridging troubled international waters!?


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