Would you buy this if it existed?

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How about an aluminum Cube? Following almost the same design lines as the G5 tower including mini handles.

Single 1.8MHz G5.

2 firewire ports, 2 usb, etc.

Bottom and top Al mesh as opposed to the towers front and back.

One computer controlled fan.(trying to keep it somewhat realistic)


Could it be done? I wish I could render one, but my zero rendering abilities get in the way.

I'd go for one. At least in my mind it would look awesome.

Edit: how ironic, misspelled realistic.


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    gilschgilsch Posts: 1,995member
    Oops, sorry I just noticed the "G5 Mini" thread. Feel free to lock.
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    mpls244mpls244 Posts: 61member
    Sure, I'd buy it if Apple made it.

    The better question is would Apple be willing to sell it? You're proposing that Apple spend the additional R&D and engineering expense of creating a new enclosure, for a machine that would be faster than the current 1.6 G5 tower, and then price it $200-600 less.

    Who would buy a 1.6 G5 tower with a 1.8 G5 cube available?

    If Apple is inclined to put G5 technology in that price range, they'll drop the price on the low-end tower. Or put the G5 into the FP iMac.
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