Hey, what happened?

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Yesterday I saw that Apple was selling the dual 1.25gig Powermac G4 for $1599 on the Apple Online Store.

I just checked again and now it says $1,949!

Hmm, wonder if this means the G5 will be delayed.


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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Looks like they've just changed their configurations slightly. That $1949 model in the middle is actually a single processor 1.25GHz G4 now, with the GeForce4 Titanium video card, and upgraded HD and RAM specs.

    You can still buy a dual 1.25 for $1599; select the single processor model at $1299 and BTO a second processor in on the next page for an additional $300.
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    coolmaccoolmac Posts: 259member
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