Powerbook Questions - HD Space & Installing RAM

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I'm looking again at getting a 12" Powerbook with Superdrive, but I have a couple more questions for you helpful people ...

1) Installing more RAM: I've read here that it could be cheaper to buy a standard 256 MB PB, and add more RAM myself later... The cost of upgrading to 640 MB will be around £110. However, does this affect the warranty? And is it easy to do? And what type of RAM modules are needed if I get them myself?

2) Hard Disk Space: The Superdrive model comes with 40GB, however, what space is left on a freshly delivered machine? Is it worth upgrading to the 60GB drive (costs around £37)?

Thanks :-).



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    1337_5l4xx0r1337_5l4xx0r Posts: 1,558member
    If I were you I'd get the minimum ram, and upgrade it later via a third party. AFA the HD, at only 37 pounds more, go for it. More space=better. I have a 40GB drive in my TiBook and am contemplating getting an 80GB for a) much more space and b) increased speed. But man, it's gonna cost me...
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